It is my deepest desire to CONNECT HUMANITY TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER... to lead them to salvation, to teach them their identity as sons & daughters, to untie the knots that hold them back, and enable them to walk in their God-given destiny.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ~ Mary L'Esperance Held
What does it mean to 

Today, humanity (humankind, the human race) is plagued by many root issues that hinder the quality of life as our Heavenly Father intended. The breakdown of the family and broken homes have prevented many from receiving important things that God intended we get from a mother and father: wholesome physical affection, affirmation, healthy discipline, moral guidance, praise, encouragement, protection, provision and support, just to name a few. When someone is raised lacking any of these, there are voids that create access points for the enemy. Since no parents are perfect and are indeed “human” themselves, we all likely lack something at some level. Or we may have perceived them wrong, and our wrong perception became our truth. This leaves us trying to fill the voids.

Suffering from a widespread identity crisis, we live in a culture that is more and more counter to Christianity. Our young people aspire to be like movie stars or book characters, and few aspire to be like Christ. Paul confronted the Corinthians for living by the standards of the world. Today, much of society, even in the church at large, has lost a biblical worldview. With God being removed from schools, courtrooms, and our nation as a whole, this tactic of the enemy attempts to wreak havoc and create an alternate standard that becomes the norm. This is why we need to CONNECT HUMANITY TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER.


1. KNOWING OUR IDENTITY as SONS & DAUGHTERS.  Of course this begins with salvation. Many today are not saved and do not understand that Father God desires a relationship with them. Yet even once we’re saved, many times we learn religion and fail to fully understand that we are little boys and girls with a Big, Loving Dad. We often operate out of a sense of religious obligation, which is burdensome. We find it impossible to ever be “good enough.” Once we come to a full understanding of a love relationship with our Heavenly Father, we receive his grace and understand that apart from Him we can do nothing. He doesn’t expect us to figure it all out and live perfectly. He expects us to pursue our relationship with Him and let Him show us the way. Romans 8 tells us that creation eagerly awaits the sons and daughters of God to be revealed. He intends for His glory to be revealed in us! When we know our identity, people see Jesus. The world is waiting for us! Humanity is in the midst of a major identity crisis and the Lord wants us to reveal His glory in a mighty way.

2. WE NEED A RADICAL INFUSION OF TRUTH. Before we come to Christ, life’s experiences and perceptions cause our soul realm to be “tied in knots”. When we get saved, we become a new creation in our spirit man, but our soul (mind, will & emotions) still needs work. Romans 12 calls it “renewing the mind.” There are many wounds and lies that lodge in our soul and give the enemy access. These things prevent us from walking in the fullness of all that God intends. Radical Infusion involves allowing Holy Spirit to go on a “search and destroy” mission in our soul to “untie the knots”. This is not a one-time thing, it’s a lifestyle. There are many common traps we fall into and humanity can be connected to the heart of the matter by teaching them how to receive a radical infusion of truth, to heal their wounds and replace the lies. This enables them to better connect to His heart and know His will.

3. TO BE IN KINGDOM ALIGNMENT & RECEIVE YOUR INHERITANCE. Kingdom alignment means to be in the will of God. There are many areas we can align: in our hearts, with his Word, geographically, or also with spiritual mothers and fathers. When we know our identity as a son or daughter of God and allow Him to “untie the knots” of our soul, we will get clarity of mind to hear His direction for our lives. Of course spiritually speaking we are co-heirs with Christ. But through spiritual mothers & fathers in the earth, we can inherit an anointing that flows into the destiny we carry. The Lord will be intentional to align you with those who have “plowed” ground in the spirit before you, and you can spiritually inherit components of your destiny. You will find your life activated to new levels under proper alignments. This connects people to the heart of the matter: the destiny God intended for them.

So it is. MaryLovesLife Ministries exists to connect humanity to the heart of the matter: to lead people to salvation, to know their identity as sons/daughters, to lead them to untie the knots of their soul, and enable them to align in the destiny that was designed for them by God.


   Mary is a legally ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
MaryLovesLife Ministries Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation.

All ministry donations are tax-deductible.

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