"I desire that the Heart of the Father would go forth like a flaming sword from my mouth, delivering His Truth into the HEART OF THE MATTER. This piercing of hearts and souls with His GRACEFUL CONVICTION and GREAT LOVE will create intimate lovers of Christ who will be ACTIVATED toward INNER-HEALING & DELIVERANCE so they can know their true identity and destiny. They will become healed and restored disciples who lay down EVERYTHING to follow Jesus Christ, and involve God in EVERYTHING. Join me as we journey in SOLD OUT SUBMISSION to our King..."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ~ Mary L'Esperance Held

Mary L'Esperance Held is a passionate revivalist with a desire to communicate God's heart to the world and see the Body of Christ equipped for the end-time harvest. Through speaking and writing she utilizes her gifts of prophecy, encouragement and teaching to motivate the Body of Christ to live in Spirit-led, radical obedience to Jesus. This results in effective disciples who hear God's voice and respond in the moment with spontaneous Kingdom action.

As the Senior Pastor of The HUB Atlanta and the Executive Director of Atlanta Outreach Project, she is restoring hope to the hopeless. Hands on experience in inner-city steets along with her apostolic gifting, executive leadership strength and anointing for ministry, have paved the way for her to lead this movement of LOVE. 

With a focus on impacting the community outside the four walls, Mary seeks to bring Heaven to earth in the community, help everyone know their true identity as sons & daughters of a Loving Father, and operate in their designed destinies. 

Birthed from her heart of love for the poor, since 2005 she has been doing outreach in abandoned buildings and under bridges, living in the inner-city with homeless addicted women, and providing comprehensive case management, temporary emergency housing and affordable permanent housing to Atlanta's homeless.

Mary is also the founder of the Radical Infusion School of Inner-Healing & Deliverance where she equips and trains othes to be inner-healing and deliverance ministers, including ministry to survivors of SRA / DID.

An ordained minister, Mary has a BA in Biblical Education with a minor in Community Economic Development from Beulah Heights University. She resides in Atlanta, GA.

Igniting passion 
to know Him, and make Him known..

Refreshing spirits & perspectives 
to find identity and destiny...

Motivating believers 
to change environments everywhere they go...

Training and equipping others 
to implement inner-healing & deliverance ministries...

Stirring hearts to WHOLENESS and PERSONAL R E V I V A L.

The term REVIVAL has often come to mean nothing more than "a series of week long meetings once or twice a year". But revival isn't an occasional event, or something you attend. REVIVAL is a PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION in the life of every believer that overflows everywhere they go, in good times and bad. It's an inward spiritual change, and a change in perspective, that permeates every aspect of life. 

Every person was created for a purpose and will not find fulfillment until they know their identity as a son or daughter of Papa God, and learn to walk in their designed destiny. By developing a deep, intimate relationship with the Lord, learning to hear His voiceand experiencing personal revival, believers can learn to effectively walk out the steps ordered for their lives.

   Mary is an ordained Reverend/Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

All ministry donations are tax-deductible.

MaryLovesLife Ministries Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation.

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