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Welcome to MaryLovesLife Ministries, Inc. We are so glad you are here!

Mary L'Esperance Held is a self-funded apostolic missionary in the inner-city of Atlanta, GA. With a very organic approach to changing lives, her life is an example of what God can do when we surrender everything and are simply available.

Willing to work with those whose brokenness is life-crippling, she is gifted with great grace, compassion and patience to " get to the heart of the matter "  by loving them through their deepest pain, bringing them into their true identity and releasing them into God-given destiny.

Over the years, Mary has grown extensively in the ministry of inner-healing to deal with the deep wounded places of the soul. As a result she developed Radical Infusion , a ministry and school of inner-healing. Along the way she inherited Atlanta Outreach Project and The HUB Atlanta which have all converged to bring hope and healing to the inner-city.

Within the inner-city, Mary's greatest passion is to reach "the emerging generation."  This includes inner-city youth, as well as young adults who came from foster care, group homes and broken homes. Mary and her team offer them family, teach them stability they have never known, and give them a Kingdom foundation so they can avoid broken, destructive patterns later in life. It is our prayer that the overflow of reaching the youth will eventually effect their whole family.

Changing communities one life, one family at a time requires prayer and financial support. Thank you for praying for Mary and this ministry, and also for considering monthly partnership with MaryLovesLife Ministries, Inc. You can click here to donate or click on the links below to learn more about Mary's ministries.

To invite Mary to speak, visit here . Mary desires to see not just the inner-city of Atlanta walk in their God-given destiny, but all cities and nations of the world.

Mary's Ministries:

Youth Outreach


Being the Church